Workplace support to be an independent director

Often businesses offer incentive programs to their staff to build long term partnerships and sustainable ways to support and benefit the community. Some examples of how employees can be supported to be a director of a community organisation are:

  • a secondment program
  • allowing staff to use their work time to fulfil board duties e.g. up to five days per year
  • flexible work hours to allow for a late start or early finish on a board meeting day (for short meetings located close by)
  • support to study governance or culture
  • allowing staff to use company resources such as email, photocopier or teleconference equipment for board related activities.

Check if your workplace has a program and its details.

If your workplace does not have a program that would support your participation as an independent director of a corporation it doesn’t hurt to talk to your manager or human resources people about the idea. It may be an opportunity for your workplace to develop a meaningful partnership with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation or community.