Independent Directory connects skilled and interested people looking to become an independent director with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations looking to appoint the right independent directors to their boards.

It is a free service that allows:

  • Individuals to register an interest in being an independent director, identifying their experience and skills.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations to promote board vacancies.

The service finds matches and allows candidates and corporations to initiate contact with each other.

Candidates and corporations are in control of how much detail they reveal about themselves to the public and what they show only to their connections.

Independent directors are directors who do not have any existing or recent past relationships with a corporation that might interfere with their ability to work in the corporation’s best interests.


‘The commercial acumen that I have gained over many years in specifically the financial, strategic planning, and governance areas, has been the most useful. There is considerable personal satisfaction in passing on some this experience and providing some mentoring and personal guidance to the people I have met and worked with.’