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20+ years experience in native title and corporate governance

Skilled in native title, employment, corporate governance, and commercial agreements, I am professional, diligent, collaborative and deeply respectful of cultural protocols and norms. Passionate about the transformative power of self-determined communities I am keen to use my knowledge, attention to detail and strategic outlook to support leaders who want to leverage native title to deliver meaningful outcomes to their members.

Experienced in Government and Commercial settings, board and senior executive history

I have a diverse range of experience in commercial and government settings, from leading a large Indigenous Home Ownership program, to initiating a commercial asset management product, all with strong financial management outcomes. Experience dealing with multiple regulatory and legislative requirements (state and national), identified and lead major change to improve operational efficiency. Over 20 years in Indigenous affairs, passionate about small business and corporate governance, more recent experience working with an Indigenous RTO

Experienced Science, agriculture, environment strategic thinker

I have more than 30 years experience in natural resource related fields, culminating in last decade as senior executive in Commonwealth public service. I have strong educational background in science, law, policy and governance and strong work related experience I. Strategy & policy development, risk-based regulation, communications and stakeholder management, financial management and good governance.

Graduate of the AICD with management experience in the not-for-profit sector

In 2010, after obtaining my MBA and concluding a project role in diversity recruitment in France, I moved to Australia and took up a Project Development position at Desert Knowledge Australia in Alice Springs, NT. In that position, I worked closely with the CEO and Board members to develop public and private partnerships in support of remote and regional businesses, and Indigenous communities. Over the last decade I have held various positions within the community services sector in Sydney including at The Benevolent Society and Uniting. In those roles I have worked on business development and transformation projects in the children, youth, aged care and disability sectors. I am committed to supporting good governance in the not-for-profit sector and to that end completed the Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors in 2018.

Strong governance background

I have acquired 35 years plus, knowledge in strong Governance. I am a proud Aboriginal Man of Ngiyampaa and Wiradjuri descent. Born and raised around Murrin Bridge, and necessity became the catalyst for my first getting involved in community politics when I was 21. Since then i have served on local Aboriginal Organisations, so too Regional Aboriginal organisations., as well as 12 years as a an Elected Councillor for the Wiradjuri Region to NSWALC, 2007-2019. I have learnt much, but am still wanting to learn more.

Strategist specialisting in Sustainable Communities

Strategic Planning, Sustainable Development, Governance, Business Case Development, Information Management & Technology, Project Management

Highly Experienced Lawyer

Prior to commencing to practise as a Native Title Lawyer some 20 or more years ago, I was a commercial and property lawyer and worked extensively with small to medium sized businesses over some 20 or more years. My native title practice has developed over the past 20 years. As a result, I have now practiced exclusively as a native title lawyer over the past 15 years. During that time, I have developed an intimate knowledge of the native title, cultural heritage, CATSI Act and the Indigenous space more generally. As a result, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges that face indigenous people in Australia both within their own communities and within the wider Australian community. Throughout that time, I have only ever worked for Indigenous claimant groups, native title holders and directors of both CATSI Act corporations and Corporations Act companies. Aside from my legal background, I bring an ability to effectively communicate with and develop lasting relationships with Indigenous People. The skills developed as a commercial/native title lawyer enable me to provide practical easily understood advice so as to enable indigenous people to understand the complex legislative and legal environment within which they must work. My own personal experience as a small business owner and operator also means that I have a deep personal understanding of the difficulty in surviving, growing and successfully operating a profitable business.

Executive Director - Finance & Governance, Indigenous & Statutory Board experience

As an experienced Board Director, Company Secretary and Chair Finance, Audit & Risk Committees of not-for-profits and with a particular focus with indigenous boards, has established and maintained open and effective working relationships with a Board of Directors, CEO and stakeholders ensuring organisational compliance; open and transparent reporting; efficient, effective and financial sustainability of the organisation; and building Board and Executive participation in organisational governance and risk profiling. Leads strategically with vision; articulates and drives the implementation of strategies that align with organisational values.

Experienced Manufacturing Professional Looking to contribute to Aboriginal Enterprises

Sustainability Consultant wants to give back to the community offering experience to assist developing or improving aboriginal board needing independent directors. ........(to be continued )

Aboriginal Advocate & Leader

I have had several roles within support work with aboriginal organisations and for government organisations.I hope to purse a leadership role within an organisation that allows me to make a change within that organisation but also meeting the needs of the Aboriginal community. I am passionate and driven to make a change and help advocate for the needs of my people!

Leader in environmental management (QLD)

Extensive experience as a leader and manager in an environmental advisory capacity. Looking to provide expertise to develop engagement and capacity in land- and marine-based environmental management and monitoring programs. I offer significant experience as an environmental professional, including senior management and strategic direction. Utilising a broad industry network, I can also identify and establish effective partnerships and joint venture programs to grow and develop the capacity of an organization.

Indigenous Governance Compliance Risk and Management Consultant & Mentor seeking Board roles

Hi, my experience is very diverse and extensive, which includes but is not limited to: - successful Indigenous business woman - Government recognise my specialty in addressing the gaps between how Indigenous people work/operate and how Government paperwork needs to be completed - have 2 businesses that are Supply Nation Certified - currently hold 14 qualifications and studying another 2 - I am a leadership coach, small business mentor, trainer and compliance consultant - have served in many Executive Committee and Board roles over the past 10 years including Not-For-Profits - have lived and worked in Remote Aboriginal Communities - have worked very closely with many and various Local, State and Federal Government Agencies including IBA, DATSIP, PM&C, RDA, DSITI, DTESB, DET, LGAQ, TTNQ - currently mentor for/undertake work with State & Federal Govt: IBA, TTNQ, Office of Small Business (DTESB) - currently deliver training and workshops in business planning, marketing, strategic direction, business, leadership to private businesses and Government - have previously/currently worked with communities such as Doomadgee, Wujal Wujal, Yarrabah, Seisia, Pajinka, Bamaga, Kowanyama - happy to travel extensively - I work throughout metro, regional, rural and remote areas of Queensland

Commercial orientated, direct, deliver vision to outcomes completer

EXPERIENCE •46 years Commercial, Contract Management and Procurement Experience; •35 years’ experience in developing, writing, tendering, negotiating and management of all types of contracts including claims management; •35 years’ experience in Procurement; •20 Years plus experience in Infrastructure management; •Extensive experience working in Australia, Asia and Africa in particular through Aurecon EPCM as their 1st Commercial Director; KEY SKILLS: •Significant experience in Management and Delivery in Australia, Asia and Africa; •Extensive advanced knowledge and experience in developing, maintaining and managing Management Systems; •Depth of Commercial and Contracts knowledge which allows me to provide qualitative and relevant advice on Commercial and Contract strategies to all stakeholders; •Significant skills and experience in developing Contract based Commercial Solutions which not only improves but also value adds to the Company's commercial and financial position; •Lead, Managed and where required get involved in the administration of high value, high complexity, or high risk contracts; •Responsible and Accountable for dispute negotiations and claim management; and •Extensive skills in and have Delivered Coaching, Mentoring and Leading stakeholders to enable a quality, effective and efficient Commercial, Contract and Procurement deliverable Outcomes. COMPETENCIES: •Technical, Analytical, Conceptual and Strategic – Conceptualise, develop and implement 5 year strategic plans •Problem Solving Skills – Commercial, Contract, Procurement, Material Handling, Warehousing, Expediting, Administration, Health, Safety, Environment, Human Resources, Policies and Procedure •Business Relationships and Communication – Clear, concise and down to earth style that engages and considers clients needs, wants and desires •Organisational Capabilities – Adaptable to many models, have worked with flat line, organic tree and matrix •Finance – Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Control, Forensic Analysis and investigatory •Budgets – Budget creation and forecasting, Cost management, Variation control, Claims management and Negotiation •Leadership – Demonstrable qualities that Team Members can aspire to •Management – Extensive Management and Leadership roles

Financial Management/Corporate Governance

Fully qualified CPA with 20 years experience in accounting, management, corporate governance and risk management functions. Over 15 years experience in working within community not-for-profit and Aboriginal organisations. Senior management positions reporting to the Director/Chief Executive Officer and fully elected Council/Board Members. High level technical accounting skills with an eye on detail and striving for continuous improvements to processes and practices.

Aboriginal man with executive level experiences, teacher trained, GAICD,

Grew up in rural properties in SW Qld; initial work was in pastoral industry; Teacher trained with experiences in principalship and senior executive education positions, executive positions in range of government departments in Qld and SA; lectured at university; Executive level mine management; a graduate of AICD; worked in range of contexts eg remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia, TSI.

Soon to be semi retired CEO of 30 years standing

I have been in senior management for just over 30 years. I have been the CEO of 5 Separate Non Government Organisations in both Victoria and the NT. Prior to that I was the Senior Advisor, Chief of staff for a Federal Minister in the Health Portfolio. I am also the Director of a small business called Properway which aims to focus on 'proper' Governance, consultation and evaluation. I am a Director (treasurer) of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies NT (AADANT), the peak body for the sector in the NT as well as a Board member for the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA). My passion and expertise is in helping repair Organisations that find themselves in difficulty or are struggling with management and/or governance. I am a non Aboriginal woman although my husband is a Yorta Yorta man and my adopted son is from the Ganai in Gippsland and the Arrente people of Central Australia. This is only relevant as it has afforded me the benefit of understanding the Aboriginal world view and a knowledge of traditions and culture seldom experienced by non-Aboriginal Australians. I live in Alice Springs and am currently the CEO of DASA which was struggling a few years back and is now an organisation that is held in high esteem by all levels of Government. Naturally I don't take all the credit for this transformation as I have developed an excellent leadership group, all of whom participate in the decision making of the organisation. It is my intention to semi retire in the first half of 2019, but with full retirement out of the question, I still have a lot to offer, I love a challenge and am no where near ready to simply fade away.

Governance, Business Acumen, HR, mentoring and support

I am an aboriginal I am an experienced and professional Executive with over 15 years’ experience working within different areas across the Commonwealth Public Service (APS). My key strengths lie in the areas of team leadership, stakeholder engagement and ensuring corporate governance and statutory compliance. I have a proven record of accomplishment of providing high-level support to staff of all levels, managing diverse teams and delivering high quality and accurate work within tight deadlines.

NT Public Service Experienced Regional Director

I have a Bachelor of Commerce and extensive experience in leading an organisation through strategic and operational direction. I have strong skills in change management, stakeholder relationships and commercial operations. I have been a part of the Jawun program in the East Kimberley and have knowledge and experience with ORIC registered organisations and governance structures.

Strong Governance, Business Acumen, Leadership, mentoring and support

An aboriginal woman from Yuin Country on the south coast of NSW, my family are the Budawang people. I am an experienced and professional Executive with over 15 years’ experience working within different areas across the Commonwealth Public Service (APS). My key strengths lie in the areas of team leadership, stakeholder engagement and ensuring corporate governance and statutory compliance. I have a proven record of accomplishment of providing high-level support to staff of all levels, managing diverse teams and delivering high quality and accurate work within tight deadlines. I am a professional member of Australian Human Resource Institute, a Member of Australian Institute of Company Directors, Member of Women on Boards.

Socialpreneur all-rounder

CEO qualities for legal and ethical compliance. Solid experience with establishing and maintaining accreditation and registration for state and federal regulations for framework standards and company requirements. Experience with grant writing, data collection and leading a successful and inclusive workplace achieving state and federal government awards.Talents in accredited VET training, capacity building,CDP, health and wellness, WHS and legal compliance. Have lived remotely and have developed respectful relationships with local people. I advocate for celebrating differences as strengths to build upon. I welcome an invitation to be in community.

Corporation Manger All-Rounder with Training and Assessment

Quality legal and ethical compliance development and monitoring. Experience with state and federal accreditation, registration, standards, grant writing, WHS, health and wellness, training and assessment. All implemented with inclusive care alongside a team by celebrating differences as strengths to capacity build upon to grow local driven goals for a flourishing future. My journey is to grow in supporting a community with knowledge of frameworks to reduce barriers for community and people to achieve health and wellness outcomes for all family. I welcome an invitation to country to listen and learn where me and my family can contribute and be amongst community to understand more about our homeland.

A Wiradjuri fella with significant & diverse senior executive experience. A combined 83 years of cumulative experience as a Director gained sitting on more than 30 boards on both private & exchange listed public companies in Australia & overseas.

A passionate, energetic, commercially astute Wiradjuri leader with entrepreneurial flair, an infectious "can do" attitude & a solid history of delivering outstanding financial growth across multiple sectors. A true "all-rounder" that has consistently been able to build, motivate, mentor & lead teams to deliver substantial increases in profit across disparate industries including agribusiness, arts/culture/education, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), finance, IT, media, mining equipment/services retail & tourism. 17 years & 6 months in GM, CEO, Commercial Management & owner/partner roles. Experience developing 32 export markets & establishing & running 7 profitable overseas offices. Cross-functional leadership experience running all facets of organisations including, corporate governance, finance, HR/culture, OH&S, operations, IT, marketing/coms, sales & strategic planning. A people person with refined communication skills & an empathetic nature that instinctively builds strong, leverageable working relationships, both inside & outside the organisation.

Indigenous (FNQld), GAICD quals, 25+ yrs' experience, looking to be of value

FYI I bring 15+ years in CATSI Act entities. My 3+5+3 practice framework approach to good governance is as follows. My strengths are i, ii, iii, b, d, e, 1 and 2. i. Clear vision, ii. background knowledge and understanding, and iii. good process for a. legal responsibilities + relationships, b. strategy including organisational performance + risk management, c. financial management, d. director responsibilities + decision making, e. board cohesiveness; effected with 1. engaged members, 2. organisational knowledge + 3. healthy organisational culture.

Indigenous | strategy | commercial | executive

Indigenous executive with 20 years experience with Indigenous ventures across Australia. Particular expertise in strategy, commercial matters, business development and boosting impact.

Skilled Business Strategy and Development Analyst

A well regarded, highly motivated and dedicated senior executive with experience in a broad range of fields - Local Government; Regional Development; Marketing; Indigenous Affairs; and Community Affairs. Maintains broad community associations, has affinity and empathy with communities of interest, and extensive knowledge and experience in achieving effective partnerships between industry, community and all levels of government. Since early 2017 is, as a consultant, providing business strategy and development advice to Aboriginal Corporations located in the Northern Territory.