Independent directors and the organisations and communities they work with all stand to gain from the right match of skills and need.

Independent directors get the chance to develop skills, knowledge, and gain exposure to new experiences. It can be a rich development opportunity professionally and personally.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, having a skilled professional on their governing body can bolster their governance capacity and provide access to important advice and expertise that might be otherwise difficult to obtain.

Benefits for independent directors:

  • Contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community wellbeing
  • Gain corporate and Indigenous governance experience
  • Build cultural competency
  • Expand networks
  • Contribute to the success of a corporation
  • Strengthen communication and leadership skills

Benefits for workplaces supporting staff to fill independent director positions

  • Demonstrate commitment to community values and involvement
  • Strengthen relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people/communities.
  • Staff satisfaction, attraction and retention ,
  • Increased leadership and communication skills for participating staff
  • Expanded networks
  • Enhanced skills at working with cross-cultural teams and stakeholders

Benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations

  • The opportunity to strengthen governance structures and processes
  • Access to skills and expertise
  • A different perspective
  • Access to advice